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Speech can move mountains. Or it can put people to sleep. That's why many leading executives, professionals, and politicians who live by the spoken word leave nothing to chance. They come to us. Our acclaimed method, distinguished faculty, and engaging programs empower them with the techniques and self-assurance to speak with success—whatever the goal. To sell. Persuade. Motivate. Charm. Influence. Appease. Inspire. Convert. And win. You will, too.

The GuruMaker Method: It speaks for itself.
You or your associates will learn to speak . . . by speaking. In authentic situations. With real-life intensity. Through experience, practice, feedback, and a variety of diverse approaches, you'll learn how to develop an infectious personal style, an array of presentation skills, and the level of confidence you need to be utterly convincing to your audience. It's a method honed by years of helping thousands of students become extraordinarily effective communicators. Find out more.

Programs for every purpose, every pursuit.
Whether you're making a one-on-one sales pitch, a keynote address to thousands of conferees, or anything in between . . . we have speaking programs that teach a wide range of techniques—including selling, presenting, storytelling, media training, acting, persuading, and many others. We tailor our programs to your specific objectives, number of participants, and field of endeavor—from individual coaching sessions to seminars and workshops. Find out more.

The GuruMaker Team: A Who's Who of speaking professionals.
The author of a New York Times bestselling book on speaking. A speech writer for two US Presidents. A Doctor of Psychology/M.B.A. expert on anxiety reduction for speakers. A renowned spokesperson for the White House and State Department. These are just a few of the sterling credentials of our cadre of teaching pros who are ready to lend their decades of combined coaching experience to helping you achieve your speaking objectives.
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