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About GuruMaker

With many years of front-line experience and practice behind it, the GuruMaker team is the expert in advanced presentation skills coaching, speaker development, and media training.

From our offices in Washington D.C., Denver, and Los Angeles, our coaches work with clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.

Experienced as well as inexperienced speakers and presenters come to us to learn the skills of expression and persuasion. They come from information technology, law, sales and marketing, engineering, real estate, finance, and politics. They are the executives and professionals who intend to make a mark in their chosen field.

The GuruMaker coaching style is adaptable and effective. The programs work for you because we tailor them to your needs following discussions about your communication objectives and the audiences you want to address.

Program formats vary from private one-on-one coaching to a maximum of ten participants. Smaller groups are essential for the intensive hands-on approach and immediate feedback that characterize the GuruMaker method.

We fit program times, dates, and locations to your business needs. You can make use of your own in-house conference and training facilities or we can arrange a suitable venue nearby. Depending on the type of program, training will take place on consecutive days or be spread over a period of weeks or months.

Call us toll-free at 866-806-4366 or locally at 720-394-7999 or e-mail to learn how the GuruMaker method can improve your communication needs. Or see for yourself how GuruMaker coaching programs can change lives and fortunes.

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