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Executive Presence

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The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO

By Harrison Monarth, New York Times bestselling author of The Confident Speaker

Take the next step toward the corner office using the art of perception management!

Taking the ideas mapped out in his New York Times bestselling
The Confident Speaker to their next logical step, Harrison Monarth reveals the latest scientific research into interpersonal communication and human behavior, which every professional needs to reach the top. Executive Presence teaches readers how to control the way they are perceived-and, thus, control their career
trajectory. Readers will learn how to use persuasion, influence, damage control, communication, and media leverage to meet any personal goal. Combining theory with actionable tips and techniques, Executive Presence takes them step-by-step through the process of building a better, more durable self brand.

Harrison Monarth (Denver, CO) is the founder and president
of GuruMaker - School of Professional Speaking.

The Confident Speaker
Beat Your Nerves And Communicate At Your Best In Any Situation

Dear Friends,

In our ongoing quest to help our clients from business, politics and the professions craft and deliver persuasive and impactful messages to get desired results, it's sometimes necessary to first help them get over paralyzing feelings of anxiety and the fear of speaking and presenting to an audience.

For many otherwise capable, smart and accomplished professionals, the following sentiment is not unusual:

I'd rather die than
have to speak in public.

We're sure you've heard that statement before. Maybe even in promotions for other books on speaking. But it's worth repeating here.


Because, as we're about to show you, in our new book-called The Confident Speaker-we've uncovered an entirely different approach to understanding the secrets to remarkable public speaking.

An approach based on...

...hard scientific evidence on
the psychology of confidence.

We knew had hit on something significant when we wrote it. But it's not just us-many of today's top experts agree that this is breakthrough work too:

"Your ability to speak confidently on your feet will impress more people and open more doors than you can imagine. 'The Confident Speaker' shows you how."

Brian Tracy - Author - The Psychology of Selling

"Eureka! This book is exactly what every beginning speaker needs, and every advanced speaker will want because it is packed with simple, enjoyable, workable ways to overcome speaking fear and project a strong persona to every audience member. Bravo!

Dottie Walters CSP, Author of best-selling book Speak and Grow Rich

We've researched why people fear speaking more than death-and how they can change their psychological and physiological state, over and over again, to become highly effective and confident speakers.

We wrote The Confident Speaker to help everyday people work within their strengths to become expressions of extraordinary confidence.

And we know it will dramatically improve the careers-and lives-of those who apply its advice. World-renowned psychologist Kevin Hogan agrees (quite emphatically, we might add):

"I've trained some of the finest speakers in the world. This book will make that process a lot easier in the future. 'The Confident Speaker' is the single finest book I've ever read on the subject. Even for those of us who do this for a living, there are a lot more than just a few gems here. This book is packed solid and will soon be acknowledged as the authority and go-to book in the field.

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D, Author of Science of Influence, and The Psychology of Persuasion

Like Kevin, we know that becoming a confident speaker is possible. And this books provides a reliable pathway.

In other words, we're convinced that you, whoever you are, can dramatically improve your ability to communicate, to engage, to persuade.

In fact, when you get and read The Confident Speaker, you'll learn answers to burning questions, like:

  • What are the 10 most commonly feared speaking situations, and how can you handle them with ease and confidence?
  • What should you do and not do before a presentation?
  • How can you create the mindset and beliefs that translate to self-assured speaking?
  • What are the differences between men and women when it comes to public speaking-and what are the specific tips for each gender?
  • How can you speak with confidence in social situations and informal settings?
  • How can you recover from a major speaking blunder?
  • What are the top steps for speaking like a pro in front of large audiences?

And most importantly, you'll see that achieving your speaking goals really is possible. We know The Confident Speaker will make a profound difference in your life.

We know you'll learn new facts about human behavior that offer eye-opening insights into life-and your own potential.

We know you'll develop a stronger belief in yourself-as a speaker, a professional, a human being.
And most importantly, we know you'll find a lifetime's worth of value-a wealth of research, practical steps, and inspiring stories that you can revisit, again and again, to...

...constantly develop your
own communication skills.

The only question is: will you commit to yourself the time and energy it takes to become a confident speaker?
Take an important step to becoming the speaker you've always wanted to be-- get The Confident Speaker now.

To your potential,

Harrison Monarth and Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA

About the Authors

We started working together in 2004 and instantly connected over our approach to communications coaching, writing, and professional speaking. Together we spent years researching and developing the techniques and strategies manifested in The Confident Speaker book. We both have a high standard of excellence, driving us to ensure that we include the most powerful advice and latest research data to help our readers.

We've been called a "Communications Coaching Dream Team, and while we share similar philosophies, we each bring unique areas of expertise to the table.

Harrison is a professional communications coach to executives and political candidates, helping clients create, organize, and deliver high-impact talks and persuasive presentations. Larina brings her expertise in the management of public speaking anxiety, the mindset for success, and the use of optimal energy to speak with confidence. Together, we cover all the areas necessary for our clients and book readers to find great success and we greatly enjoy the process. Here's some more about us:

Harrison Monarth is the founder and president of GuruMaker - School of Professional Speaking, a high-impact speaking- and presentations coaching firm that counts Fortune 500 executives, political candidates and leading professionals as clients. Harrison and his team of behavioral change experts have coached leaders of such organizations as Intel, American Heart Association, Cisco Systems, Merrill Lynch, NASA and the U.S. Congress, among many others. His unique coaching style and methods are known to produce powerful results in his clients. His latest book, Executive Presence: The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO, is due for release by McGraw-Hill October 30, 2009. To learn more about GuruMaker's programs go to
Harrison Monarth

Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA is a communications coach, specializing in executive presence, business relationships, and the use of optimal anxiety for peak performance. She's provided coaching and her popular Control Stress-Achieve Success seminars to dozens of small businesses, universities, professional organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Kase is regularly seen in the media, such as Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times, and she is the author of several additional books including Anxious 9 to 5: How to Beat Worry, Stop Second Guessing Yourself, Work with Confidence, and The Confident Leader.

Larina Kase


The book is currently available in Spanish and coming soon Arabic and Chinese





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