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The GuruMaker Method

The GuruMaker team learned its craft through practice – by persuading, influencing, and presenting before countless audiences of customers, clients, journalists, and peers. GuruMaker's core source material is the experience we gained in a myriad of speaking and communication situations around the world. That hard-won expertise determines the way we coach leaders from business, government, and the professions. Our job is to pass on the techniques that we have ourselves practiced to perfection.

Success with thousands of students proves that presentation and communication skills come with trial, experience, and expert feedback. Our graduates learn to exude trust, believability, and leadership through a blend of coaching and teaching, demonstrations and involvement, and rehearsals and seminars.
There's no make-believe and no ritual pretense: your pulse races because you're faced with the dog-eat-dog reality of life outside.

But that's how you learn. You rehearse the same scenario many times over, practicing different approaches and responses, and building on the feedback from your program coaches.
The result is improved confidence built on the certainty that you can influence others purely through the force of your own personality.

The GuruMaker method involves:

  • customizing coaching and training to your needs
  • building on the strengths of your personality and personal style
  • incorporating different ways of learning (audible, visual, kinesthetic) so that you get the most from your program
  • patience for the natural human variability in learning
  • honest evaluations and straightforward feedback
  • working with you until you are satisfied that your effectiveness has improved – we guarantee to change your behavior
  • understanding that people take time to open up
  • a fail-safe learning environment where you can be yourself
  • action instead of tedium—you will be on your feet all the time because the only way to learn is by performing
  • a life-changing experience that will turbo-charge your communication skills

Call us toll-free at 866-806-4366 or locally at 720-394-7999 or e-mail to learn how the GuruMaker method can improve your communication needs. Or see for yourself how GuruMaker coaching programs can change lives and fortunes.

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