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Private coaching for public excellence

There is only one criteria for this program: your desire to excel before your chosen audience. You tell us what it is, and we'll prepare you for it … national conference speeches … congressional hearings … media appearances … political candidacy … sales presentations and board meetings.

Presentation skills for executives

You may have the best product or service on the market. You may know your subject inside-out. But can you use that knowledge to electrify a skeptical audience? Let GuruMaker give you the tools, the shortcuts, and the confidence to tell your story the way your audience loves to hear it.

The power of persuasion

People may be resistant to change – but they're not immune to it. Win their hearts and their minds, and they'll buy your products … adopt your policies … accept your proposals … follow your leadership. If you can bring the waverers and the diehards around to your way of thinking, you begin to wield true power.

Storytelling for executives

A story does what facts and statistics never can: it inspires and it motivates. That's why expert storytellers are such effective communicators. They translate complex ideas into practical examples laced with strong emotional connections. The audience tunes in because they see themselves and the storyteller's personality woven into the story.

Sales excellence

Successful salespersons are diplomats, actors, mind-readers, and problem-solvers. Their skill at identifying your needs and anticipating your questions is uncanny. You make time for them because you value their opinion; you call them back because you trust their judgment; you shake on the deal because you believe in them.

Media training

The costs of a mishandled media interview are incalculable – whereas the well-rehearsed spokesperson who offers highly-quotable sound bites wins prime-time exposure. Practice and acquire unflappable self-confidence when faced with a camera, blinding lights, and aggressive questioning.

Acting skills build business

The crowd-pleasing skill of an entertainer holds audiences spellbound. If you want to engage your audience at the emotional as well as the intellectual level, you have to think like an actor. Our acting coaches trained numerous Hollywood stars. They'll polish your Oscar-winning performance till it sparkles.

Oral presentations win government contracts

An oral presentation can be the tie-breaker that secures a government contract, yet the rules often state that only those who will be working on the contract may speak. It's time to convert your technical team into fluent speakers with the power and persuasiveness to snatch million-dollar contracts from under your competitors' noses.

Intercultural communication

Some barriers to international business success are so subtle, they're overlooked. Insensitivity to cultural nuances and etiquette consigns many organizations to the international sidelines. Our intercultural training programs prepare you for the country and the people you will be working with. They let you fit in from day one.

Building investor relations through personal communication skills

The stock market is a critical, analytical, and notoriously fickle audience. Nervous investors demand reliable information – and plenty of it. Your job is to build the personal credibility that makes investors believe in your corporate leadership and effectiveness. In a world of scandal, rumor, and gossip, trust is your greatest asset.

Distance coaching: fast-track video critique

There's no audience as acute or as helpful as an independent panel of experts. And none so unforgiving as the American public. So why not let us examine your performance before the public demolishes it? Send us your video tape and within 10 business days we'll tell you what works – and how to improve what doesn't.

Corporate speakers bureau development

The technical expertise within your organization adds weight to PR initiatives and credibility to conference presentations. But that knowledge is often in the hands of people who lack the experience or the confidence for public speaking. We'll show you how to turn those experts into a powerfully effective corporate speakers bureau.

Rehearsing high-stakes scenarios

GuruMaker role-play throws you into the high-stakes, adrenalin-pumping scenarios that make or break you: angry customers, difficult employees, intrusive interviewers. This is no game: our professional actors provide the spine-tingling realism that helps you develop the techniques for resolving real-life conflict.

Communicating at a time of crisis

The unexpected always comes from a clear-blue sky – a lethal product flaw, a crippling OSHA complaint, a stock scandal. Suddenly the questions turn hostile. But you remain in control: your robust defense is supported by well-rehearsed audience-calming and media-management skills. Because you were prepared, you can set the agenda.
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